BlueHost Review – Is This the Web Host of Your Dreams?

Looking for the perfect web host is not a simple walk in the park, especially when you need something that lives up to your standards and requirements. A quick search online will give you a list of web host options that you can consider. One name that often stands out is none other than BlueHost.

Powering more than 2 million websites all over the globe, BlueHost has become a household name in the web hosting arena. Thanks to the large volumes of business they get, BlueHost manages to offer their customers with big discounts.

Catering to startups and small businesses, BlueHost has a lot to offer to its users. But, is this also the right web host for you? Will it offer great value for your money? Let’s find out today!

Background and History of BlueHost

It was in 1996 when BlueHost has started as a free hosting company. Its founder was Matt Heaton and back then, it was known as It was not until 2003 when the name BlueHost was used and from then on, it has grown to become the global company you have come to know today.

Since its launch, the BlueHost staff has grown to more than 750 employees and as of writing, the company is hosting more than 2 million websites around the world.

For more than a decade, BlueHost and WordPress has established a solid partnership wherein they maintain a full-time dedicated staff that provides WordPress support together with an engineering team focusing on WordPress core development. The partnership paved way for BlueHost to come up with high performing and affordable WordPress hosting.

BlueHost is also committed to the open source community as they are built at the back of open source software from the servers to the scripts and internal tools.

BlueHost Performance and Reliability

Among the primary factors website owners should consider is the amount of uptime they can expect from their chosen web hosting service. Simply put, how often do you experience your server shutting down and momentarily stopping delivering your site?

With BlueHost, you can have the assurance of an excellent 99.98% uptime record. On an annual basis, this works to be a downtime of less than 2 hours. This is not bad if you consider that than average year has 8,760 hours.

Of course, it is just ideal that you want these figures to be 100% but this is not possible. Numerous issues and concerns may arise, including DDoS attacks, hardware malfunctions, critical server maintenance, and a whole lot more.

This doesn’t mean that you can just settle for an uptime of 50% or something similar. However, the realistic expectation is somewhere near 100% but not really a perfect score. Thankfully, BlueHost has managed to get quite close to this.

BlueHost Uptime

Downtime can be very bad for any website. Not only it will frustrate website visitors, but also it can affect the site’s conversion rate. It may also affect the website performance negatively on search engines including Google. Although you won’t experience long-lasting downtime when using BlueHost, some minor outages may be experienced and can be common. When the servers go down for the bad, it may last for several hours.

In the US, BlueHost server performs under a fraction of second and in some locations, the response was higher, yet under less than a few seconds. If US is your target audience, it will surely benefit your website. Nevertheless, if more users come from some parts of the globe, you may change the location of your server.

BlueHost Customer Support

Since the hosting plans of BlueHost comes with a standard 24/7 server management, you can expect that there is a team of in-house experts in web hosting available to assist you with any kinds of hosting concerns you may encounter along the way. The customer support team of BlueHost may be reached through phone, ticketing system, and live chat. Few pressing issues may be searched for in the knowledge base or FAQs section of the website of the company. But, many people like the customer support of BlueHost, especially if they are experiencing some technical issues.

How Much Does BlueHost Cost?

The basic plan of BlueHost is $7.99 every month without discount. If you have availed a discount, you will only have to pay $2.95 monthly, which means you can save about $181.44. BlueHost Plus plan is $10.99 monthly without discount and if it’s with discount, it is only $5.45 monthly. The Prime plan of BlueHost is $14.99 and if you’re lucky to have availed the discount, you will have to pay $5.45 every month.

For our readers I have a discount available to give you a price of only $2.95/US month.

The Good about BlueHost

Below are some of the reasons why BlueHost is still a great choice for your hosting solutions:

  • Enhanced cPanel
  • Multiple domain hosting
  • Free dedicated IPs, marketing credit, and SSL with several plans
  • WordPress-centric hosting
  • Free included domain with plans
  • Hosting plans made for performance and speed

The Not So Good about BlueHost

  • Lack of free of charge migration service
  • Affordable starting prices
  • High renewal rates and high commitment periods
  • No option to choose from or no Windows hosting

The Verdict – 4.9/5 Rating – “Highly Recommended”

The practice of embracing the latest technologies of BlueHost to deliver the best possible performance to your website is the main reason why BlueHost would stay on the radar of a lot of website owners. This is especially true since some of the factors of strong SEO include website performance and user experience. Therefore, for those who are searching for hosting providers that provide different website speed optimization technologies and tools made to their hosting plans, choose BlueHost. Some of the things included in its hosting plans are SSD storage, caching tools, CDN, and many more.

To top it all, BlueHost still remains to be one of the best choices for every website owner out there. Its continued support for open source platform including WordPress and its status as an excellent platform makes BlueHost a great choice for all of WordPress websites.

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